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Welcome to Virdax Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.

Established in September 2018 and have over all 3 years of experience as a Pharmaceuticals and marketing. We are able to establish a cordial relationship with the reputed vendors.We are able to extend our product range suiting customer's demands.
We "Virdax Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd." built strong commercialization capabilities and is in a position to take on Suppliers, Marketing, Production, High Quality, Medicines, Atordax CV 10, Atordax CV 20, Atordax F, Clinidax 5, Clinidax 10, Clinidax T, Etodax, Gabavin NT, Glimidax M 0.3, Glimidax M1 forte, Glimidax M1, Glimidax M2 forte, Glimidax M2, Glimidax M3 forte, Glimidax M3, Glimidax MV 1.2, Glimidax MV 2.2, Glimidax PM2, Moxyvin CV 625 Inner, Moxyvin CV 625, Neurodax, Pregadin NT, Pregadin, Rosuvin F, Rosuwin gold 10, Rosuwin gold 20, Telmidax 20, Telmidax 40, Telmidax Trio, Temidax 40 H, Temidax AM, Virkal K2, Voglivin M 0.2 etc.
Our offered products are going to serve the society & well-being for curing diseases to lead a happy healthy life.

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Product Range

Our promise is a quality-driven Virdax Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. products, and our aim is to Advanced Formulation at Affordable Cost to healthcare.

Our Mission

To be a Virdax Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd., Most Admired for its affordability, Superior Quality and Accessibility of Products. Affordability: Cost Effective innovative solutions for healthcare.

Our Planning

It is meaningful therapeutic value to the patient - where quantity of life, productivity, and fundamentals of the disease state are all positively affected we live and work and the environment in which our employees work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading Virdax Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solutions for patients with diverse medical needs.


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Why Choose us

Our promise is a quality products and Advanced Formulation at Affordable Cost.

  • Integrity & Innovations

    Our discoveries have saved millions of patients’ lives, and many are standard practice in medicine today.

  • Furthering Patient Care

    Advanced Formulation at Affordable Cost believes that medical innovation significantly benefits patient care

  • Model of Healthcare

    New technologies, new medications and new approaches for treating the sick have changed the way we deliver care.

  • Emergency Help

    If you get very sick or badly hurt and need help right away, you should use emergency medical any products.

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Advanced Formulation at Affordable Cost to healthcare.